Seeking Data? We Can Help!

15 June 2015

In an effort to increase transparency and access to public education data, the Commit! Partnership is excited to announce the launch of the Data Dashboard This is a free resource for the general public, nonprofits, funders, and others to easily find, view, and use the data that matters to them.

To start, we are launching district and campus pages which provide longitudinal and snapshot views of student demographics, student achievement, and staff composition for all public schools in Texas.

Users will be able to download specific charts as image files, as well as download the raw data as Excel files. The dashboard is not meant to house real-time data or compare or rank schools or districts; rather it aggregates Texas Education Agency data released annually.

We will continue to evolve this interactive website over time, with the next release likely including College Access and Success data among other features. In the meantime, we welcome your input to improve the usefulness of the resource. Please do send all questions and suggestions to