Reasons to Give -
The Opportunities that Exist

  • Increasing the number of students ready to learn
    • 16,852 children in Dallas County are not ready for Kindergarten
  • Closing the gap in 3rd grade literacy rates
    • 24,694 3rd graders in Dallas County are not reading on grade level
  • Growing the number of adults with two- and four-year degrees
    • Only 34% of Dallas County adults hold a two-year or four-year degree (well below the 60% goal for our region by 2025)

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Proof of our Impact

  • 4,740 additional students have accessed pre-kindergarten since 2012
  • 18 Accelerating Campus Excellence (ACE) campuses in Dallas and Ft. Worth ISDs met accountability standards in 2018
  • A 9% increase in Dallas County Promise students completing the FAFSA application since 2017

Return on Investment

For every postsecondary credential earned, a student’s lifetime earnings increase by $1 million, impacting the prosperity of our local economy.

Filling the 42,000 unfilled, middle skilled jobs in Dallas-Fort Worth each year could lead to an additional $2 billion increase in annual GDP and $120 million increase in annual sales tax revenue.

Pre-K and birth-to-five programs are a better investment than most stocks. Research shows that high quality Pre-K and birth-to-five programs deliver a 13% per year return on investment.