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Dallas County Pre-K Registration Campaign

This year’s Early Pre-K Registration campaign featured the combined efforts of nine local districts—Cedar Hill ISD, Coppell ISD, Dallas ISD, DeSoto ISD, Grand Prairie ISD, Irving ISD, Lancaster ISD, Mesquite ISD, and Richardson ISD—making it the largest district-level effort to date. The commitment of four additional districts, collaborative planning efforts and assorted outreach strategies greatly expanded the reach well beyond that of the 2015 campaign.

In order to achieve a goal of 14,500 early Pre-K registrants across the County, districts aligned on a common registration week of April 4th. To share why early childhood education is important and how to register for Pre-K districts hosted Pre-K awareness events, launched social media campaigns, posted billboards, sent flyers home with students, provided immunization services to families, and much more.

Registration and outreach efforts were also greatly supported by community partners and stakeholders. Over 100 organizations, businesses and individuals were equipped with 105,000 flyers! Libraries, community centers, food pantries, clinics, churches, local nonprofits and other stakeholders have championed the importance of early learning to families across Dallas. Thank you to Workforce Solutions of Greater Dallas for making this possible!

To learn more about the campaign and registration efforts, check out Pre-K mentions in the media:

Be on the lookout for official updates and campaign results in our Bright Spots Blog post toward the end of April.

For more information about Pre-K and quality early childhood programs around the County, please visit If you have any feedback or questions, please email Whitney Holman at

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