Bright Spots / Uplift Paves the Way for Economic Mobility

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Bright Spots

Uplift Paves the Way for Economic Mobility

The Dallas County Economic Mobility awards celebrate bold, students-first policies in public education that result in success among students experiencing economic disadvantage. Uplift Education is one of three recipients of the 2023 awards.

Uplift Education, serving over 22,000 students, has emerged as a beacon of success in creating economic mobility for its diverse student population. Though 82% of its student population is economically disadvantaged, significantly higher than the county average, Uplift achieved remarkable outcomes that surpass any Dallas County district or large charter network.

Uplift alumni, particularly those in the 25-30 age group working in Texas, exhibit outstanding success metrics. An impressive 56 percent hold associate degrees or higher, showcasing the efficacy of Uplift's educational programs in preparing students for advanced studies and careers. Moreover, the average salary among alumni in that age group exceeds $69,000, an impressive 53 percent higher than the county's average.

Uplift's success can be attributed in part to its comprehensive Road to College program, a transformative initiative starting in middle school and extending throughout students' careers. This program offers students continuous guidance and support, from academic preparation to career planning. Philanthropic donations enable Uplift to invest approximately twice the amount per high school student compared to its county peers in tradition advising, enhancing the chances of postsecondary success.

Uplift's forward-looking approach is evident in its recent receipt of a $14 million national grant in collaboration with Baylor Scott and White. This partnership focuses on health careers that lead to high-wage employment directly out of high school, aligning with the growing demand for skilled professionals in the healthcare sector.

Uplift also prioritizes transparency and accountability. The success of Uplift students beyond graduation is regularly reported to its board of trustees. The network's fundamental objective is to not only promote post-secondary completion but also to enhance early career earnings, ensuring a tangible impact on students' lives.

“Uplift Education is thrilled to be part of the first cohort of Dallas County Economic Mobility Award districts,” says Uplift Chief Executive Officer Yasmin Bhatia. “For the past 20 years, Uplift has invested in personalized college advising with counselor-to-student ratios of 1:50 or lower and dedicated alumni support that has led to the highest percentage of college completion for Dallas County urban school districts. Higher college completion rates have allowed our alumni to access a broad range of good-paying jobs, which has translated to Uplift alumni earning the highest average alumni salary.”

Uplift Education's holistic approach, from early guidance through strategic partnerships and transparent reporting, demonstrates a commitment to creating economic mobility for its economically disadvantaged student population. By consistently exceeding expectations and securing philanthropic support, Uplift is not only changing individual lives, but also contributing to the broader economic prosperity of the community.

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