Commit Core Values

1. Equity & Inclusion

We work with others to transform systems in ways that ensure every student has access to the resources they need. We help set the table for an expansive conversation, welcoming and valuing every voice at the table, while actively and explicitly working to create outcomes that narrow opportunity gaps and shift power towards communities and individuals most impacted.

Associated Behaviors:

  • Seek out, include, value and elevate the voices of historically marginalized groups and actively incorporate voices of those most impacted in decision making
  • Call on those with privilege to share their power with others towards more equitable decisions
  • Utilize equity impact tools to inform strategies and decision making
  • Develop proximity to the communities we are trying to serve
  • Reflect on one’s own power and privilege to question one’s own narratives and assumptions about others
  • Utilize practices proven to be culturally responsive and effective in closing equity gaps
  • Create welcoming environments that affirm the uniqueness of each individual

2. Systemic Impact

We maintain patience and persistence while relentlessly insisting upon efficient and highly-effective approaches to sustainably change systems to more effectively serve communities.

Associated Behaviors:

  • Recognize that the current system can better serve students and work collaboratively to improve systems that inhibit the success of all students 
  • Develop, maintain, and employ an intentional framework to evaluate new and transformative opportunities that allow us to effectively prioritize our resources
  • Focus on strategies and efforts that will advance our mission and goals
  • Use data and diverse community voices to identify and focus on the highest-impact, fastest-acting systemic changes that benefit the largest number of students 

3. Humility

We embrace the fact that our success depends on our ability to work cohesively with each other and our community. We learn best together.

Associated Behaviors:

  •  Acknowledge that our successes are shared successes, attributable to the contributions of multiple partners and team members
  • Consistently seek and accept feedback to gain insights, even when unsolicited
  • Set aside one's own agenda and listens deeply to partners and teammates whenever possible, understanding that no one individual or group has all the answers
  • Own successes and mistakes, applying all lessons learned toward future improvements
  • Assume personal responsibility for one's results
  • Exhibit openness to doing things differently and values perspectives from all backgrounds

4. Students First

We are guided by multiple stakeholders, but ultimately our decisions rest upon one question: What is in the best interest of students?

Associated Behaviors:

  •  Seek out and value student and family input in all aspects of work; consistently uses this input as a key factor in determining strategy and direction of the work
  • Put the interest of students above one's own comfort and actively hold other adult partners accountable for doing the same, redirecting conversations toward students rather than toward adults
  • Employ strategies that are culturally responsive and honoring to students and families; actions support their needs, life experiences, culture, and family systems
  • Insist every strategy, metric, and key performance indicator reflects a primary benefit to students and avoid implementing or supporting strategies that prioritize the interests of other groups above them
  • Seek out information, both qualitative and quantitative, to shine a light on student needs

5. Integrity

We will act honestly and ethically in all internal and external decisions, in the ways we present data, and communicate with partners. This unwavering commitment allows us to best serve students, families, and the community.

Associated Behaviors:

  •  Practice transparent, clear, and honest communication
  • Share how decisions are made, how stakeholder input has been incorporated, and why specific courses of action are taken internally and within the community
  • Represent data in fair and honest ways, presenting multiple narratives

6. Joy

We bring a constant sense of optimism and fun to this difficult work.

Associated Behaviors:

  •  Approach developments with a sense of possibility and potential rather than cynical pessimism
  • Foster a sense of joy in one’s work and shared work while remaining positive and open to change 
  • Help create an atmosphere where teammates can be their authentic selves
  • Persevere in the face of challenges 
  • Rely upon and support one another's wellbeing inside and outside the work—we are a family