Opportunity 2040

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Opportunity 2040 represents the collective efforts of regional education and anti-poverty advocates to reduce child poverty by half while doubling the number of young adults attaining a living wage within Dallas County. It is a strategic roadmap, in full alignment with key partners, for building strong schools and communities while leveraging substantial and sustainable public resources to benefit children and families in the 8th largest county in the nation.

This plan’s aspirational yet achievable goals will be transformational, resulting in 150,000 additional Dallas County students being on the path to true economic mobility.

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Addressing a growing need

The Opportunity 2040 Plan emerged as The Commit Partnership and the Child Poverty Action Lab (CPAL) recognized the growing need to accelerate our economic and educational outcomes coming out of the pandemic. We believe that by strategically aligning our efforts to build economic mobility, we can realize our shared vision: An inclusive, equitable, and prosperous Dallas County where race, place, and socio-economic status no longer predict educational and economic attainment.

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A collective effort

Currently, less than one in three of our working-age young adults earning a living wage. Success will only be possible through Commit and CPAL’s partners, supporters, and stakeholders. What started as a joint effort has accelerated through collaboration with local investors and significant national funding led by Blue Meridian Partners and we are highly grateful for all who have joined hands in this transformative journey.

Together this consortium is beginning to support scalable, reinforcing investments to address the many systemic factors and help pave the way for all Dallas County children and young families to live in communities where opportunity knows no bounds.

Get involved

To learn more about supporting this effort, contact Abby Mayer at

Year 1 Investees and Partners

Allyn Media
Bachman Lake Together
Commit to Students
Dallas College
Dallas ISD
Economic Mobility Systems
Ed Direction
Education Is Freedom
Education Resource Strategies
Escalate Learning
For Oak Cliff
Garland ISD
Instruction Partners
Mindful Ed
NROC Project
Seek Insights
Southern Education Foundation
Southern Methodist University
Steady State
Teach for America
Texas A&M Commerce
Texas Woman’s University
United 2 Learn
UNT Dallas
Uplift ISD

Founding Investors

Amy and Drew McKnight
Anne and Rob Raymond
Bill and Wendy Payne
Blue Meridian Partners
Byrne Family Foundation
Canyon Partners
Carolyn L. and David B. Miller
Christopher and Ann Mahowald
Communities Foundation of Texas
Dan and Betsy Healy
Edward W. Rose III Family Fund of the Dallas Foundation
Ellen Wood
Erik Miller
Eugene McDermott Foundation
FW Murphy Family Foundation
Hickok Family Donor Advised Fund
Highland Park United Methodist Church
Hirsch Family Foundation
Jagger Family Fund
Jere Thompson
Jim and Kathy Adams
Joanie and Don McNamara
Jodi and Lucas Cutler
Jody and Terri Thornton
Joe Eastin
Kevin and Alicia McGlinchey
Kirk and Jane Rimer
Lucy and Henry Billingsley
Lyda Hill Philanthropies
M.R. and Evelyn Hudson Foundation
McKelvey Family Foundation
Micki and Mike Rawlings
Mike A. Myers
Mike and Mary Terry Family Foundation
MJD Starfish Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Perdue
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bancroft
Murray and Libby McCabe
Muse Family Foundation
Patrick and Dawne Tribolet
Pilar and Jay Henry
Riggs Family Foundation
Robert Kaplan
Ruthie and Jay Pack Family Foundation
Ryan and Kristine Burke
Scott Rohrman
The Addy Foundation
The Boone Family Foundation
The Dallas Foundation
The Hardie Family Fund of the Dallas Foundation
The Meadows Foundation
The Melchizedek Fund of CFT
The Robert and Nancy Dedman Foundation
The Sealark Foundation
The Trammell and Margaret Crow Foundation
Todd and Abby Williams Family Foundation
Todd and Kasey Lemkin
TREC Community Investors
Vin Perella
William T. and Gay F. Solomon Advised Fund