The Commit Partnership is supported by a dedicated backbone staff of over 50 professionals, each a strong believer in the need to lift all voices within our community to reach our goals.

We believe talent is distributed equally but opportunity is not. Our team is dedicated to ending such inequity by supporting each of our 200-plus partners to collectively create significant economic mobility for every student in North Texas through equitable access to quality education.

More than 40 percent of our team is former teachers, campus principals, and school district and higher education leaders. We also include professionals with strong backgrounds in analytics, communications, and advocacy. We hire each one by one, always mindful of alignment with our core values and commitment to the transformational power of education.

Executive Leadership

Commit's Executive Leadership includes our chiefs and the managing directors of each team. They strive to not only lead with integrity but cultivate leadership in all employees.

Kate Greer

Managing Director, Policy & State Coalition

Chelsea Jeffery

Chief Regional Officer, EC–12

Abby Mayer

Managing Director, Philanthropic Investments

Kris Oliver

Chief Operating Officer

Sile Robinson

Managing Director, Middle Grades Initiative

Amber Shields

Managing Director, Early Matters Dallas

Miguel Solis

Chief of Staff

Jeannie Stone


Dash Weerasinghe

Managing Director, Analytics & Insights

Todd Williams

Chairman & CEO

Bridget Worley

Chief State Impact Officer

Analytics and Insights

The Analytics and Insights team works to drive student-centered decision making through actionable data and analysis.

Gennie Mae Balanon

Associate, Analytics & Insights

Leah Ballard

Director, Analytics & Insights

Kristen Davis

Manager, Analytics

Cesar Flores

Associate, Analytics & Insights

Ben Higgins

Director, Analytics & Insights

Joseph Mohr

Associate, Analytics & Insights

Sofia Muñoz

Associate, Analytics & Insights

David Rardon

Director, Analytics & Insights

Jacqueline Romero

Manager, Analytics & Insights


The Communications team builds public awareness and influences key stakeholders to drive systemic transformation of resource allocation aligned to living wage attainment.

Gene Davis

Communications Director, Strategic Relationships

Joshua Edwards

Associate, Communications

Joshua Kumler

Senior Manager, Communications

Adrien Palmer

Manager, Communications

Dallas County Promise

The Dallas County Promise is more than a last-dollar scholarship. Its team collaborates with high schools and colleges to promote college enrollment, persistence, and completion for thousands of young people each year.

London Durham

Continuous Improvement Manager, Dallas County Promise

Phillip Fabian

Senior Director, College Readiness & Success

Karla Garcia

Manager, Dallas County Promise

Travis Hill

Director, Dallas County Promise

Early Childhood - 12

The Early Childhood - 12 team works to improve our local education pipeline at a number of critical academic milestones: increasing pre-k enrollment, growing third grade reading achievement, expanding access to advanced math pathways in middle grades, and enhancing recruitment and retention of effective educators.

Devron Armstrong

Manager, Early Matters Dallas

Allison Braley

Manager, Early Matters Dallas

Paige Darstein

EC-12 Impact Associate

Chelsea Valdez

Director, Educator Effectiveness


Commit aims to reflect its equitable vision for education in its own internal operations, ensuring finances are well-managed and employees and partners are treated with care and respect.

Ashley Barco

Manager, Finance

Kristin Boyle

Associate, Operations

Briana Carter

Director, Finance

Sheena Fite

HR Generalist

Nicole Peña

Manager, Operations

Klarisa Perry

Executive Assistant, Operations

Donisha Santiago-Anderson

Director, Human Resources

Philanthropic Investments

Philanthropic Investments is a best-in-class fundraising team, not only securing sustainable revenue but building and maintaining trust across individual and institutional investors.

David Hatteberg

Manager, Philanthropic Investments

Trey Hoobler

Director, Philanthropic Investments

Ryanne Legrand

Director, Philanthropic Investments

Annette Nwabeke

Manager, Philanthropic Investments

Mark Sieckman

Manager, Philanthropic Investments

Nicole Wilson

Manager, Philanthropic Investments

Policy / State Coalition

The Policy / State Coalition team works to ensure education policy in Texas is students-first and data-driven, not only in its intent but in its implementation.

Lilac Ding

Associate, Postsecondary Education Policy

Kate Hoffman

Manager, Policy & State Coalition

Karla Lainez

Associate, Cross Coalition

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives is the research and development arm of the organization, working to ensure internal systems are efficient and identifying new ways to apply our internal strengths to solve problems facing young people in Dallas County and Texas.

Turner LaBrie

Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Whit Payne

Associate, Strategic Initiatives

Chris Walters

Director, Strategic Initiatives

Texas College Bridge

Texas College Bridge provides online coursework to Texas high schoolers that maximizes college readiness and reduces the need for remediation.

Maria Argueta

Associate, Texas College Bridge

Timi Creekmore

Director, Texas College Bridge

Fellows & Interns

Rebecca Diaz

Policy / State Coalition Intern