The Commit Partnership is supported by a dedicated backbone staff of over 50 professionals, each a strong believer in the need to lift all voices within our community to reach our goals.

We believe that talent is distributed equally but opportunity is not, and our team is dedicated to ending that inequity by supporting each of our over 200 partners to collectively create significant economic mobility for every student in North Texas through equitable access to a quality education.

More than 40% of our team are former teachers, campus principals, school district and higher education leaders. We also include professionals with strong backgrounds in analytics, communications and advocacy. Each is hired one by one, seeking alignment with our core values and commitment to the transformational power of education.

Commit Backbone Staff

Laura Abadiano

Associate, Human Resources

Erica Adams

Managing Director, Strategic Relationships

Marie Appel

Manager, Analytics

Eric Ban

Managing Director, Dallas County Promise

Kendra Boyle

Director, Operations & Finance

Carol Brown

Manager, Analytics

Briana Carter

Associate, Finance

Betsy Cook

Deputy Director, Best in Class at Communities Foundation of Texas

Roberto Delgado

Senior Associate, Analytics

Sagar Desai

Managing Director, Operations

Kristyn Edney

Director, College Readiness & Success

Phillip Fabian

Manager, College Readiness & Success

Jonathan Feinstein

Senior Director, Community Engagement

Mark Flanagan

Senior Director, IT, Innovation, & Solutions, Dallas County Promise

Asenath (Azzy) Francis

Associate, Analytics

Karla Garcia

Associate, College Readiness & Success

Kate Greer

Manager, Advocacy

Ana Luz Hernández

Manager, Best in Class

Chris Hudgens

Director, Regional Analytics

Carla Israel

Project Manager, Dallas County Promise

Chelsea Jeffery

Manager, Early Matters Dallas

Sarah Jensen

Senior Consultant, Texas Promise

Chantel Jones

Manager, Workforce Talent Activation, Dallas County Promise

Kai Jones

Associate, Analytics

Ernestine Key

Associate, Best in Class at Communities Foundation of Texas

Angela Callado Kiley

Director, Chief of Staff

Ashwina Kirpalani

Managing Director, Analytics

Joshua Kumler

Associate, Communications

Garrett Landry

Director, Best in Class

Ryanne Legrand

Manager, Strategic Philanthropy

Kimberly Manns

Managing Director, Early Matters Dallas

Lory Marshall

Associate, Operations

Abby Mayer

Director, Individual and Major Giving

Libby McCabe

Senior Policy Advisor to the CEO

Dominique McCain

Managing Director, Best in Class

Brittany Meyer

Associate, Communications Project Coordinator

Kathryn Mikeska

Manager, Communications

Skiler Miller

Associate, College Readiness & Success

Brenda Molina

Associate, Dallas County Promise

Erik Moss

Manager, Strategic Philanthropy

James Murphy

Manager, Data Reporting, Dallas County Promise

Stephanie Nixon

Senior Manager of Strategy & Operations, Dallas County Promise

Erica Ogboenyiya

Manager, Analytics

Jennifer Richardson

Senior Manager, Operations

Carla Robertson

Associate, Early Matters Dallas

Carlos Ruiz

Associate, College Readiness & Success

Rob Shearer

Director, Communications

Dottie Smith


Sara Soto

Associate, Early Matters Dallas

Luvia Tapia

Associate, Analytics

Amani Thomas

Associate, Communications

Treasure Washington

Senior Associate, Communications

Todd Williams

Chairman & CEO

Nicole Wilson

Associate, Strategic Philanthropy

Fellows & Interns

Vanessa Larez

Intern, Strategic Philanthropy

Southern Methodist University
Hometown: Dallas, TX