HB3 / Dallas ISD's Innovative CCMR Work Earns Millions In Outcomes-Based Funding

Dallas Isds Innovative Ccmr Work Earns Millions In Outcomes Based Funding


Dallas ISD's Innovative CCMR Work Earns Millions In Outcomes-Based Funding

The hard work, dedication, and planning of so many – including students – is paying off for Dallas ISD. The district made college, career, and military readiness a top priority – now, thanks to the historic investment of House Bill 3 (86R), the district has access to over half a million more state dollars to boost readiness than last year.

What is the College, Career, & Military Readiness Outcomes Bonus?

One of the many outcomes-focused strategies that House Bill 3 (86R) enshrined into law to support our students was the College, Career & Military Readiness (CCMR) Outcomes Bonus. Through this bonus, school systems receive additional funding for preparing students for college, a career, and the military when they take the next step in their career planning by enrolling in postsecondary institutions, completing an industry approved credential, and/or enlisting in the military by the fall after graduation. These outcomes bonuses are distributed equitably, with more funds awarded for students experiencing economic instability and those in special education.

How Dallas ISD Maximized this Benefit for Students

New data released by TEA shows that Dallas ISD drew down $3,440,000 in CCMR Outcomes Bonus Funding for the Class of 2020 – an over 20 percent increase despite the COVID-19 pandemic and everything schools went through that year. That’s $584,000 more than the year prior at a time when statewide funding went down. Dallas ISD was one of just three large, urban school districts to buck the trend and see an increase in funding.

In 2022, the Dallas ISD School Board passed an explicit policy to closely monitor key metrics related to college, career, and military readiness after graduation – atypical for a Texas school system. These are then collected into an annual report that provides recommendations on how to maximize the district’s CCMR Outcomes Bonus Funds by reinvesting into strategies that are already generating postsecondary success. By leveraging this data-driven approach with substantial district resources, Dallas ISD is successfully ensuring students are able to be successful in colleges and careers after graduation – while bringing in millions of state dollars to the district. This new policy provides hope that Dallas ISD's Outcomes Bonus Funding will continue to grow.

Dallas ISD's explicit focus on CCMR is bringing in millions of state dollars, but more importantly, it is reaping benefits for its students. Only a few years ago, less than 10% of graduates in Dallas ISD earned a degree within 6 years of graduating. In 2021, over 10% of graduates had an associate degree before they left high school. Given projections that 62 percent of all Texas jobs will require some sort of postsecondary credential by 2030, this increased funding is critical to set students up for success and ensure more Dallas County residents have the opportunity to earn a living wage.

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