Emergency Child Care for COVID-19 Essential Frontline Workers

10 April 2020

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the State of Texas has developed a tool to help essential workers find emergency child care options for their children. While public health experts strongly recommend utilizing the assistance of a relative or trusted neighbor to minimize contact with others, there are caregivers and child care facilities available and willing to help.

View the State of Texas’ tool here to find caregivers to come to your home, or a licensed emergency childcare facility near your home or work.

For your health and that of your family and community, we recommend exploring home-based care options with a designated caregiver. An alternative option is child care at a facility with availability for your child(ren). Please note that financial aid is available for families who meet the income requirements.

If neither options work for you, please complete this form and detail your needs. A representative will contact you to help identify other options for you and your family.