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Funders Make Data Impact Possible

Funders are doing so much to enable Commit! to compile, analyze and share the right education data throughout Dallas County and to assist our community in acting upon the data to meet our greatest needs and opportunities for our kids.

You’ve seen our comprehensive, actionable, easy-to-understand data analysis: whether through The Partnership’s annual Dallas County Community Scorecard, through our new Bright Spots Blog Series (bi-weekly stories highlighting education data and specific school sites, districts, or non-profit service providers who are achieving great student outcomes) or through the Texas Cradle-2-Career Education Data Dashboard (an online tool providing stakeholders with ready-access to actionable, easy-to-understand data analysis).

We use these tools and data analysis to inspire and empower more and more education stakeholders to access, use and act upon data and data analysis to guide strategy, to direct resources, and ultimately to change behavior in order to achieve greater impact on our Dallas County student outcomes.

Commit!’s work providing quality data analysis is constantly evolving. With input from partners and stakeholders, we continue to enhance the Data Dashboard, to expand and further disaggregate our multi-dimensional data analysis, and refine our methods to share, activate and replicate best practices as shown by real data.

Here’s a quick example of how The Partnership’s work performing, sharing, and activating data usage to guide strategy is leading to programs and organizations shifting strategies to achieve greater impact on student outcomes. Our data analysis and partner convening on “Summer Melt” (the time between high school graduation and a student’s first day of college) uncovered a need for more counselor supports for our Dallas County college-intending high school graduates. As such, District partners aligned on a “Summer Melt” texting intervention where participating seniors and high school graduates received important college enrollment notifications on their phones and they could directly text their counselors with questions. The program increased partner districts counselors’ capacity and resulted in program participants enrolling in college at a 13% higher rate than their peers!

Our work together – its impact, its expansion, and its future efforts – are made possible by investors. More and more funders are becoming a part of, and are needed for, these growing, targeted initiatives impacting our kids’ education and future.

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