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2017-18 Impact Report and Education Investors Meeting

The Commit Partnership Impact Report, released annually in October, highlights and celebrates the substantive work and collective progress of hundreds of partner organizations and investors who are collaborating together to strategically address the biggest leaks within our substantial 750,000+ student educational pipeline in Dallas County.

The Impact Report is distributed at the annual Dallas County Education Investors Meeting. This event was created to bring greater awareness and alignment around the critical education issues our community faces, and to explore how public and private dollars can scale proven strategies that lead to measurable improvement in student outcomes.

Education Investors Meeting

On behalf of The Commit Partnership, presenting partners and featured speakers, thanks to all who came out to attend the annual Education Investors Meeting. This year, we were honored to host Tom Luce, Chairman of Texas2036, former Chief Justice pro tempore of the Texas Supreme Court, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Education. While we celebrate the return on investment, we forge ahead knowing much work is still left to do. In the words of Tom Luce, "We've got to do more. We've got to go faster." And we must do so with a "belligerent mentality."

 It is because of you that North Texas students have the access and opportunity to be included in the prosperity of our community. Whether you made it out this year or not, you can relive the event by downloading the presentations, checking out event videos, or by viewing the photo gallery. Along with the Impact Report itself, we invite you to use these resources to engage others.

Resources to Engage Others

Download Presentation from the Education Investors Meeting
Event Photos
View Photos from the Education Investors Meeting
Video Recap
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To request print copies or to request a guest speaker to discuss the Impact Report, please email info@commitpartnership.org