Improving Academic Success

Texas House Bill 3 (86R) made equitable, strategic investments in Texas schools, and sustaining them is critical for the success of our students and our state as we recover from the pandemic and make strides to become a national leader in education.

School systems across the state have returned to or even surpassed pre-pandemic levels of student success in reading. Many educators credit this to HB 3 initiatives such as Reading Academies and Additional Days School Year (ADSY).

Beyond HB 3, there are numerous data-driven initiatives such as high-impact tutoring and high-quality instructional materials that are shown to improve academic success.

Past Legislative Wins in this Area

HB 3 (86R)

HB 5 (87R)

HB 1416 (88R)

SB 2124 (88R)

Improving Academic Success Updates