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Access to Child Care Creates Economic Mobility

Early childhood education is a critical component of achieving our True North Goal of increased living wage attainment among young adults in Dallas County, and it starts with expanding access to high-quality [...]
New Data Show A Decade Of Growth In Dallas County

Student growth slowed across Texas and in Dallas County, according to new data from the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Today, the Agency updated the Family [...]

Today, the Texas Education Agency (TEA) released the Family & Research Portals for parents and community members to view passage rates for End-of-Course exams (EOCs) [...]

As noted in recent blog posts, Commit analysis of preliminary STAAR data holds encouraging news for Dallas County educators, with gaps between the County and [...]

Across 13 tested subjects in Dallas County's 14 largest public school districts, the number of students meeting standards increased by 5 percentage points or more [...]

Dallas County school districts continue to close gaps with the state in both reading and math achievement across grades 3-8, despite serving more Emergent Bilingual [...]

Since our Partnership was founded over 11 years ago, we’ve relentlessly worked to help change our troubling regional academic outcomes and their resulting impact on [...]

In our interactive dashboard, each public school campus in the state is represented by a dot, with the size of the dot corresponding to the [...]

Today, the Commit Partnership released poll results that show both conservative and progressive North Texas voters overwhelmingly support data-driven strategies in order to improve outcomes [...]

As Texas classrooms reopen after summer break, it’s time for a close look at how well our public schools are serving our students. Last week [...]

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) continues to release data on student academic achievement in the previous school year, an especially important metric for gauging our [...]

The updated analysis comes after a 2019 Commit analysis of Texas Department of Criminal Justice data that had a startling finding: seven of Texas’ thirty [...]