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The State of Poverty in Dallas County

In September of 2011, newly-elected Mayor Mike Rawlings and I announced the formation of the Commit Partnership. We did so in the belief that the educational challenges our community faced were too [...]
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As noted in recent blog posts, Commit analysis of preliminary STAAR data holds encouraging news for Dallas County educators, with gaps between the County and [...]

Across 13 tested subjects in Dallas County's 14 largest public school districts, the number of students meeting standards increased by 5 percentage points or more [...]

Dallas County school districts continue to close gaps with the state in both reading and math achievement across grades 3-8, despite serving more Emergent Bilingual [...]

Since our Partnership was founded over 11 years ago, we’ve relentlessly worked to help change our troubling regional academic outcomes and their resulting impact on [...]

In our interactive dashboard, each public school campus in the state is represented by a dot, with the size of the dot corresponding to the [...]

Today, the Commit Partnership released poll results that show both conservative and progressive North Texas voters overwhelmingly support data-driven strategies in order to improve outcomes [...]

As Texas classrooms reopen after summer break, it’s time for a close look at how well our public schools are serving our students. Last week [...]

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) continues to release data on student academic achievement in the previous school year, an especially important metric for gauging our [...]

The updated analysis comes after a 2019 Commit analysis of Texas Department of Criminal Justice data that had a startling finding: seven of Texas’ thirty [...]

4. Postsecondary attainment and earnings are closely linked. The 'Educational Attainment and Median Income Dashboard' explores the relationship between the number of 25-34 year olds [...]

The true north goal of the Commit Partnership is doubling living-wage attainment in Dallas County in the course of a generation. One of the strategic [...]