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A New 'True North': The Commit Partnership's Strategic Plan

Dallas County can be an inclusive and prosperous region where economic opportunity is shared equitably rather than predicted by race, place and socioeconomic status. We hope you’ll join us in working together [...]
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The COVID-19 pandemic has severely disrupted public education in the state of Texas, with the abrupt end of in-person schooling last spring shining a harsh [...]

Dallas is the least inclusive city in America. It’s hard to hear. It’s also hard to ignore. In spite of the fact that the Dallas-Ft [...]

Since its formation in 2011, the Commit Partnership has let data drive its actions for two reasons. First, you can’t help improve what you can’t [...]

Just over five years ago, the Dallas Independent School District began a new approach to early education. We are just now beginning to see its [...]

Above, you’ll see a scatter plot that includes every public school campus in the state of Texas, arranged by two variables: the percentage of students [...]

Per state legislation under House Bill 22, the Texas Education Agency (“TEA”) released its second set of letter grades for all public school districts and [...]

"If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." It’s a phrase widely employed in the private sector but too often ignored when it comes [...]

Election day is quickly approaching in municipal and school board races across Dallas County.  If you regularly vote in these local elections, you’ve likely been [...]

Texas educates more than five million public school students. 65% are students of color. 60% are considered economically disadvantaged. And all of them deserve an [...]

A core belief at the Commit Partnership that drives our work is that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not.  A new tool from Opportunity Insights [...]

On August 15, 2018 per state legislation under House Bill 22, the Texas Education Agency (“TEA”) released its first set of letter grades for all public [...]

Sixty-four years ago, on May 17, 1954, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the landmark Brown versus Board of Education decision that “in the [...]