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Access to Child Care Creates Economic Mobility

Early childhood education is a critical component of achieving our True North Goal of increased living wage attainment among young adults in Dallas County, and it starts with expanding access to high-quality [...]
New Data Show A Decade Of Growth In Dallas County

Between the debates on tax policy, the struggles for racial equity, and arguments about Confederate generals, this show can, admittedly, get a little heavy.  So [...]

Josh: It’s easy to pass by the unassuming building at 4510 Malcolm X without realizing it houses a Dallas institution.  But once inside, you immediately [...]

Josh: Michael Hinojosa has been a student, parent, teacher, and coach in the Dallas Independent School District.  He’s currently serving as it’s superintendent, for the [...]

This show is the product of uncomfortable conversations. Josh: Well, and I think especially for somebody like me, you’ve mentioned a couple times, like, these [...]

DISD: It’s an entertaining tragedy. (1) The Worst Enemy Poor Black Kids (2) Save the district’s children from an educational nightmare (3) Have Are Black [...]

If you come up to Commit’s office this week, you’ll see charts and graphs plastered on every available square inch of their glass-walls and [...]

Acknowledgments and Footnotes The Miseducation of Dallas County is powered by the Commit Partnership and produced by me, Joshua Kumler. It is executive produced by [...]

For Oak Cliff is a community center, founded and lead by Taylor Toynes. Taylor’s a partner at Commit and a lifelong member of the community [...]

Don’t Want to Listen? Read the Full Podcast Below: Let’s just get the bad news out of the way right off the bat. Derek Little [...]

Don’t Want to Listen? Read the Full Podcast Below: August 18th, 2017. Rob: It was definitely a day of anticipation. Waiting for that meeting to [...]