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Introducing The 2021 Dallas County Scorecard

Each year, the Commit Partnership produces the Dallas County Community Scorecard in the hopes of celebrating progress and learning from bright spot school systems. But the 2020-21 school year was like none [...]

Between the debates on tax policy, the struggles for racial equity, and arguments about Confederate generals, this show can, admittedly, get a little heavy.  So [...]

Josh: It’s easy to pass by the unassuming building at 4510 Malcolm X without realizing it houses a Dallas institution.  But once inside, you immediately [...]

Josh: Michael Hinojosa has been a student, parent, teacher, and coach in the Dallas Independent School District.  He’s currently serving as it’s superintendent, for the [...]

This show is the product of uncomfortable conversations. Josh: Well, and I think especially for somebody like me, you’ve mentioned a couple times, like, these [...]

DISD: It’s an entertaining tragedy. (1) The Worst Enemy Poor Black Kids (2) Save the district’s children from an educational nightmare (3) Have Are Black [...]

If you come up to Commit’s office this week, you’ll see charts and graphs plastered on every available square inch of their glass-walls and [...]

Acknowledgments and Footnotes The Miseducation of Dallas County is powered by the Commit Partnership and produced by me, Joshua Kumler. It is executive produced by [...]

For Oak Cliff is a community center, founded and lead by Taylor Toynes. Taylor’s a partner at Commit and a lifelong member of the community [...]

Don’t Want to Listen? Read the Full Podcast Below: Let’s just get the bad news out of the way right off the bat. Derek Little [...]

Don’t Want to Listen? Read the Full Podcast Below: August 18th, 2017. Rob: It was definitely a day of anticipation. Waiting for that meeting to [...]