School Board Goal Setting Data Resources

As a School Board trustee, you have a lot on your plate right now.

You also likely already know about the goal-setting requirements in House Bill 3 passed last Texas legislative session. In order to help lighten your load and set ambitious, data-driven goals, Commit has developed the tools below.

This site will support you in reviewing historical data, setting draft goals, and submitting your goal data to TEA. It will even help with the complicated calculus of how to raise overall achievement, close equity gaps, and even automatically disaggregate your data to the campus-level. If done correctly, you can submit your work from this site directly to TEA, fulfilling your goal-setting requirement.

While this site should be of great help to you in your goal-setting process, Commit also highly recommends that you utilize a TEA-Certified Board Coach.

Goal-setting is a complicated process that requires strong coordination between school boards, superintendents, and the school administration. To help clarify the process and roles, Commit created the infographic to the left. We hope you will download and use this image as a road map through your goal-setting process.

Ready to get started? Scroll down to Step 1!

Step 1:

Download the Directions Doc & Data Template

The Directions Doc and the Data Template will walk you through how to use the site. In order to set your goals, you will enter your data into the Data Template. You will repeat the process 3 times total, once for each metric (3rd Grade Reading, 3rd Grade Math, and College, Career, and Military Readiness). At the end of the process, the Data Template will contain the necessary district-level, and if desired, campus-level, data required to submit to TEA.

Please download both documents to get started.

Step 2:

Equity Data Dive

In order to truly understand what is possible and equitable for your district, you first have to see where you have been.

Using this tool, you will be able to see how each of your district's sub-populations have preformed and grown over the last 5 years. You will also be able to see how gaps have decreased (or increased) between those subpopulations.

Please now turn to Step 2 of your Directions Doc and Data Template, which will walk you through how to best utilize the dashboard.

Step 3:

Peer Comparison Data Dashboard

We want to ensure that all districts are able to set ambitious, but achievable goals for their kids. This tool allows you to see what has been possible at districts just like yours over a 5 year period.

Please now turn to Step 3 of your Directions Doc and Data Template, which will walk you through how to best utilize the dashboard.

Step 4:

Drafting Your Goals

You will now use the data and context you gathered in the previous step to draft ambitious, attainable goals for your district.

Once you input this information into the Data Template, it will automatically populate your draft goal data into the TEA templates on the other sheets.

See Step 4 in your Directions Doc for more details on how to draft your district and campus goals.

What's Next

1 I want to work with a trainer!

Get a Trainer

While these tools give you a great start, we recommend that you use these with the help of a trained Lone Star Governance Coach who can help you set SMART goals for your unique district.

Commit created this site in close partnership with the nonprofit and EISO-approved trainer Leadership ISD. You can reach out to for assistance with your district's board goal-setting process.

2 We've set our district goals!

Set Campus Goals

If you would like help disaggregating your district-level template to campus-level goals, please email your for the additional documents.

3 I want more info…

Get More Data

Not ready yet?

That's ok! You can better understand your district's data using Commit's Data Explorer, You can also learn more about the school board setting requirements on TEA's website or through their informative HB3 in 30 video series.

Not sure where to go next?

Fill out the form below and we will connect you to the resources that would be most helpful to your district in being able to set, impliment, and achieve your goals.

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